Blessings Abound Everywhere

Blessings abound everywhere...

If we have the eyes to see...And the ears to hear...

This week, between teaching sessions, I have enjoyed walking the labyrinth, seeing friends, strolling by the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria, napping, reading a novel, and being touched by a number of programs.

I continue to listen to the web casts on A New Earth and find myself more and more deeply engrossed in them.

Earlier this week I saw Oprah interview Vivian Stringer, the basketball coach who just wrote her memoirs, Standing Tall. She coached many women's teams to victory - but more importantly than that - mentored many young women. Her own life was struck by much personal tragedy - including a disagnosis of breast cancer - which she shared with no one but a stranger so as to not inflict more pain on her children and family, particularly after the loss of her husband.

I was moved by her courage, and strong principles. Many will remember that her team was humiliated by insensitive comments made by Don Imus.

Yesterday, Oprah hosted a show which focused on the dramatic impact A New Earth was having on people all over the world.

Then last night, I watched Diane Sawyer interview Randy Pausch, a professor with terminal pancreatic cancer, who delivered his "Last Lecture" to a group of friends and students, before it exploded onto the internet.

This was one of the most touching interviews and portrayals I have ever seen. I was deeply moved by Randy and his wife Jai - whom I especially found mesmerizing. She accepted the cards they had been dealt and had found peace in her life. This did not imply she was happy with her husband's condition - but she acknowledged that they were no different from other individuals facing tragic conditions who continued to live their lives as fully as possible.

Randy Pausch said that he always believed in people. But through the support of legions of perfect strangers his belief in the goodness of others was even more solid...

There are blessings everywhere - and lessons too - if we are willing to see them. Sometimes they come from the most unexpected places and experiences. I would not have seen this program had not a friend alerted me to it.

When I sat for my midnight meditation - I gave thanks for all I have received in my life - what I have deemed good - and what has been more challenging.

Give yourself a treat: Take time to be inspired by "The Last Lecture."


sgrooms708 said…
Olga, I have also been very touched by Randy, Jai and the message of his "last lecture" ... it certainly does put things into a different perspective. I loved seeing you yesterday. Sheila

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