A New Earth

Like millions of others, I have been reading Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose - and following the weekly 90 minute web cast on the book hosted by Oprah.

This is a book that is meant to transform lives - it enables the reader to live more consciously and fully in the present moment - resulting in a lack of identification with the ego.

Tolle reminds us that life will always give us whatever experiences we need in order for our consciousness to evolve. His book also shows us how to cultivate a deeper awareness in our lives by living more fully in the present moment and ceasing to identity with form. When we move towards formlessness, we move into the realm of Being.

I am amazed by the depth of the questions asked during this web cast - and by the sheer numbers of individuals who are resonating with this book. One person recently described it as a manual for life. Everyone has recognized what an unprecedented event this is - with individuals from every corner of the world using current technology to call in their questions through the internet.

You can download transcripts, and audio and video files of this incredible discussion for free at:



mvv8j said…
I'm totally there with you on this one! I too am glued to the discussions each Monday night. My book is full of additional ink as I write and highlight passages along the way.
The discussions truly are an experience when you realize the sheer number of people experiencing this awakening. Thanks for bringing up the concept of "opening to grace", I too thought of anusara as I heard Eckhart speak of grace last night. You clarified a litte bit for me what exactly is meant by that. Opening and surrendering to the Divine. After four years of studying yoga, I am just starting to get an understanding of that! Being at a place where I feel and understand what the "Divine" is for me. Thank you Olga, thank you Eckhart. It all starts to fall into place if we open to it.

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