For the last several days I have been appropriately reading different selections on the topic of compassion from Paramahansa Yogananda's writings. Here are a few of these selections I have found memorable, useful, and inspirational:

"Compassion towards all beings
is necessary for divine realization,
for God Himself is overflowing
with this quality.
Those with a tender heart
can put themselves
in the place of others,
feel their suffering,
and try to alleviate it."

"O Lord of Compassion,
teach me to shed tears of love
for all beings.
May I behold them as my very own--
different expressions of my Self.

I can easily excuse my own faults;
let me therefore quickly forgive
the failings of others.
Bless me, O Father,
that I not inflict on my companions
unwelcome criticism..."

"Thy divine light is hidden
in even the most
waiting to shine forth
under the proper conditions:
the keeping of good company
and ardent desires of self-betterment.
We thank Thee that no sin is unforgivable,
no evil insuperable..."

"I will behold the person
who now considers himself my enemy
to be in truth my divine brother
hiding behind a veil of misunderstanding.
I will tear aside this veil
with a dagger of love so that,
seeing my humble, forgiving understanding,
he will no longer spurn
the offering of my goodwill."

Sage and timeless advice for all of us to take in consideration as our lives and experiences flow from one side of the coin to the other. At times we are merely imbibing and drinking in the implied wisdom of these words - but in other moments - we may be simply embodying compassion for someone else...

There are so many opportunities daily to be compassionate, and to experience compassion - sometimes from the most unexpected sources...


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