The Practice as an Offering

On this fourth day of the Anusara Yoga teachers gathering - we went deeper into the teachings of the Siva Sutras and the practice. There is so much I can share - but I will focus on a personal highlight of the practice...

We delved into sutra 2.8 which can be paraphrased as:
" Your very body is the great place
where the oblation occurs.
You body is a temple for the Divine."

"The body is the offering to the Supreme.
Let the body sing with praises to the One."

This teaching was exquisitely woven into the morning practice.

After the practice I thought of my favorite quote by Rumi:

"You heart is the true mosque.
Within your body is the place
to offer your salutations to the Lord."

During one of the many Dog poses of the practice - John Friend strategically placed his fingers on the back doors of my heart - and the front of my heart exploded open while I deepened in a way I never had. All of a sudden, I truly experienced what it means to melt the heart and make an offering to the Divine in my body.

Later, he assisted me in a head stand drop back. Again - the experience was deeply moving.

As I reflected after the practice - I realized that for a year I had been unconsciously protecting my heart - not wanting to open deeply there - so afraid of hurting anymore. And yet - if we are to truly make an offering of the practice we must go to the heart and embrace all its vulnerability.

At the very moment I realized this - I heard the sweetest song of a chorus of birds. They too were making an offering with their voices. And then I was engulfed in the roaring of an "OM" - the very sound of the Divine before the awareness came to me that it came - not from the cosmos - but from a moving vehicle!


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