Immortal Beloved II

And to end a beautiful month filled with many blessings - another love letter from the enigmatic but gifted Ludwig van Beethoven - found after his death and written to a woman who was not identified and is a testament to a relationship never publicly realized...

July 6, 1806

"My angel, my all, my very self - only a few words today and at that with your pencil - not till tomorrow will my lodgings be definitely determined upon - what a useless wast of time.
Why this deep sorrow where necessity speaks - can our love endure except through sacrifices - except through not demanding everything - can you change it that you are wholly mine, I not wholly thine?

Oh, God! Look out into the beauties of nature and comfort yourself with that which must be - love demands everything and that very justly - that it is with me so far as you are concerned, and you with me. If we were wholly united you would feel the pain of it as little as I!

Now a quick change to things internal from things external. We shall surely see each other; moreover, I cannot communicate to you the observations I have made during the last few days touching my own life - if our hearts were always close together I would make none of the kind. My heart is full of many things to say to you - Ah! - there are moments when I feel that speech is nothing after all - cheer up - remain my true, only treasure, my all as I am yours; the gods must send us the rest that which shall be best for us.

Your faithful,


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