The River Flowing with Abundance

After an incredible drought, we are having the wettest spring in sixty years and the river sure is an indication of it! I wish I had brought my camera this morning!

The Potomac River has flooded its banks to the parking lot level in Algonkian Park. In fact, I often stand on a cliff in front of the lone bench by the boat launch to survey the river. Today I could literally step into the water from there!

The water flowed briskly and abundantly, purging massive amounts of debris. The foliage had thickened considerably in the week and a half since I had last been here to visit - blocking a full view of both sides of the river. All of this is nothing less than an indication of the impermanence of things - how everything changes - all of the time - nothing ever lasts forever...

I thought of this as I surveyed the spot I have been coming to all these many months - thinking of the various seasons I have experienced on that bench - the fall colors, the piercing winds of winter, the snow - and the first buds to emerge in search of spring.

As I've noted before - the river has been a metaphor for my life. It has gone from dying - to rising - from standing vigil - to bursting at the seams - and everything in between. Truly, not unlike anyone's life.

As I witnessed the raw, surging power of the river this morning - asserting its independence and presence, I couldn't help but marvel at what it has represented and what it is beckoning in me - what it seems to be presaging - and what it so confidently is forging a path towards...

Onward and upward!


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