Shining Our Light

Yesterday I received a newsletter from one of my favorite jewelry makers. She makes very special pieces that I have bought for myself and given as gifts. Every month she writes something upbeat. I will share some excerpts from her latest newsletter:

"My world is brighter because you have shared your light with me.
In turn, I share my light with others to help make their world brighter.
If we all shine our light together -
imagine the possibilities."

Imagine what the world would be like if we all pooled our light together!

What would this world be like? All the time, I am inspired by souls who continually lead authentic lives and are not afraid to live life from a heart centered place...

All of our interactions, all of our teachings, all of our thoughts, lead to one destination - and that is the opening to our divine self within. When you live your life as a meditation, you come from a place of interconnectedness and the true beauty of your life leads you to manifest Home - right where you are...

Remember, you are in charge of your voyage - you get to choose how you flow over the rough waters. There will always be storms at sea, but you can prepare yourself by choosing how to ride the waves. The point isn't always to have a calm journey - sometimes the deepest lessons are in the roughest waters - but the idea is how we choose to carry ourselves on the ocean.

Go forth this month, remembering to shine your light out to others. Remember that with each day, and each NOW moment, you have the ability to create yourself anew. Stand fully in your own power and be the example. Make your life a sacred event, with every thought, action, and interaction. Life was meant to be fully experienced, the bitter and the sweet.

Enjoy every drop!

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