The Upsurge of Consciousness

After a month of traveling, I once more settled into my Saturday morning routine of teaching my weekly private lesson.

It has been a blessing to work with this wonderful woman who is gifted in so many ways and is also so insightful and wise. There are no accidents. We are in each other's lives supporting one another in more ways than we can imagine.

I have watched her yoga blossom and it has been an incredible honor to witness this unfurling in her practice - this upsurge of consciousness in physical embodiment.

After class I shared with my student and friend the marvels of the recent workshops I had attended. She delighted in adjustments that helped her align and deepen in her poses after a month of travels for her as well. And I thanked her for this opportunity to work with her - because it had enabled me to come more deeply into my own strength and confidence as a teacher.

Afterwards, I thought of Denver and studying the Siva Sutras in depth - and particularly I recalled Sutra 1.5:

"Bhairava is the great upsurge of Consciousness."

It is the arising of absolute Consciousness as the Divine which liberates us from bondage. This arising is expansive and pervades the totality of existence.

The practice is work - but it invites us to deepen our consciousness and to enter the delicious experience of union with the Divine.

This I believe - summarizes the experience that my student and I had this morning.

In Denver, we did a practice where this sutra was woven in as a theme. Later, we journaled on our experience. This is what I wrote then, and it reminded me of the beauty of this morning. It was a message from the Divine internally experienced and outwardly expressed in the practice:

"The supreme surge of consciousness -
I am That - in embodied form - and in formlessness.
We are That. Give yourself over to That -
become That - one with the Absolute.

I have provided every opportunity
for you to experience the upsurge -
in practice, in meditation, in karma, in your life.
Become one with the consciousness -
you are That - there is no Other.
Enter into the Eternal Dance!"

Life and the practice - are manifestations of consciousness merging into Consciousness in an endless eternal dance!


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