Darshan and Mahasamadhi

I still bask in the experiences of this week. Many special moments...

And today is another special day, for it is the Mahasamadhi of Lahiri Mahasaya, the Great Guru in Paramahansa Yogananda's lineage who was entrusted with bringing the gift of Kriya Yoga to laypersons for the first time. It was the deathless Avatar, Babaji, who came to Lahiri Mahasaya - himself a lay man - commanding him to share this sacred path that had previously only been disclosed to yogis advanced in the practice of meditation.

A "Mahasamadhi" is a conscious exit that a guru makes of the body, and the word itself means ecstasy. The Guru's energy and presence are available to the disciple in a very special way on this day.

Yogananda had these beautiful things to say about the guru-disciple relationship which I wrote about in March:

"The friendship that exists
between guru and disciple is eternal...

It is the duty of the guru and disciple
to be loyal to each other,
not only in one life,
but for many lives
if these are necessary to reach God..."

And this following passage was particularly relevant for me in terms of the experiences, the blessings, and the gifts bestowed this week:

"My body shall pass but my work shall go on.
And my spirit shall live on.
Even when I am taken away
I shall work with you for the deliverance
of the world with the message of God.
Prepare yourselves for the glory of God.
Charge yourselves with the flame of Spirit."

Finally, I will share the poem I wrote the night I gazed into Mother Meera's eyes and lost myself in Eternity and Divine Light:


To see with reverence
And devotion--
To receive a glimpse
of the Divine

An embodiment
of the Sacred Feminine--
Of the Divine Mother
Cradles my head

My hands join in Anjali Mudra--
A gesture of offering,
My Soul is the gift.

The Divine Mother and I--
Look into each others eyes
In total silence

I gaze into Eternity--
There is a KNOWING;
I am seen in my Essence
And Time stands till

The Divine Mother
Imparts Paramatman--
Divine Light;
It floods my soul
Compelling me to merge
With the Divine
In deepest meditation.

I am grateful for blessings
That are beyond words


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