Embodying the Light III

Even in the midst of a busy day running errands, I found time to go to the river and launch Grace for the first time in a week at nearly 4 PM in the afternoon. The day was breezy and cloudy, but beautiful - as it always is - and quiet. I am amazed at how often I go to the river and do not find others there. Paddling was effortless, like delightful gliding, and meditating as I floated downstream did not disappoint!

Yesterday I noted how the ego resists embodiment as discussed by Stephan Bodian in his book, Wake Up Now. Today I will focus on what he suggests for supporting the embodiment process:

"...Full and complete embodiment is available right here and now when you let go, stop resisting and controlling life (including the so-called embodiment process), and allow everything to be just the way it is...

You can't 'do' letting go - it just happens naturally as the light of awakening illuminates the innumerable places where you're still holding on. If there's any strategy, it's this: Stay awake!

'Who is aware of this right now? Who am I really?' In an instant, you may find yourself out of the process, once again expanded, spacious, awake, and non-reactive...

In general, the path of embodiment asks that you live your understanding from moment to moment...

Every time Byron Katie found herself 'velcroing' to a thought, as she put it, she noticed that she began to suffer again. [See Byron Katie's The Work].

With the awakening of the heart, the dry, detached perspective of the disengaged witness, which still involves a subtle separation between self and other, dissolves into the unconditional love that includes and embraces everything without exception...

Sometimes people who have practiced meditation for years before awakening have an easier time recognizing and embracing the shift in identity that awakening brings. But such seasoned meditators may also hold on stubbornly to their spiritual beliefs and have a more difficult time letting go and letting truth take its course..."

This book is worth reading, and this chapter is chock full of nuggets of wisdom that are obvious and yet will take further reflection to unpack and - "embody" (no pun intended!)


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