The Gift of Darshan

I went to the river very early this morning to launch myself and Grace.

It was cold and breezy and overcast - and the water was restless. Rain was in the forecast, so I wanted to beat the weather and get into the river as soon as possible.

Paddling was not effortless - and at one point it was actually work. I felt tossed around and wanted to hug the shoreline, tinges of fear surfacing.

I didn't manage to make it as far as I normally do, but I did approach the section of the island with beautiful wildflowers hoping to see the heron. I don't if it was "the" heron - but I saw one just moments later, surveying all that his eyes could see. I floated for a while, and then he flew off...

I have just had two of the most incredible days...

Yesterday I had the opportunity, the honor, and the gift to receive darshan with Mother Meera.

"Darshan" is translated commonly as: "to see with reverence and devotion." It literally means sight and implies receiving a glimpse or vision of the Divine.

Mother Meera is an Indian woman who is believed by many to be an embodiment of the Sacred Feminine or the Divine Mother - of which there are many manifestations on the planet at this time, each one entrusted with a sacred and unique task.

Mother Meera's vocation is to bring "Paramatman" or a special form of Divine Light which is being brought into the planet for the first time. I had an experience of this before I read about it last night.

Mother Meera's darshan is also given in silence. Some darshan experiences include or are centered around lessons or talks that are given. Other darshans are more unique - like Ammachi, whom I experienced years ago. A darshan with her consists of receiving a hug which transmits powerful energy. Thus, she is known as the hugging saint. At the time, I felt something akin to a bolt of electricity running through my body and I could not walk right after it.

When it came to be my time to join the line approaching Mother Meera, I felt myself engulfed in a very powerful energy that was loving and sweet. I asked to receive whatever it was that I needed to receive. To be shown whatever it was that I needed to be shown. And to be healed of whatever it was that I needed to heal.

Finally, it came to be my time to kneel in front of her. I bowed and touched her feet lightly and she cradled my head. When she released my head I looked up into her eyes placing my hands in Anjali Mudra.

"Anjali Mudra" is the prayer gesture where palms touch each other. The word "anjali" means offering - and mudra means gesture. Thus, I offered the only thing I had - my essence.

Mother Meera's darshan involves this loving gaze which transmits Divine love and energy and whatever it is you need to receive. For a moment, I felt a slight sense of surprise as I placed my hands in Anjali Mudra. I don't think anyone else in the room did this. Everyone else seemed to keep their hands on the floor or on their lap.

We looked into each other's eyes and I gazed into Eternity and felt a KNOWING. I knew she saw me in my Essence. The connection I felt defies articulation and I had no concept of the passage of time.

Afterwards, when I sat, I had the sensation of light going through me - pouring into me and going out. I did not understand this until I read Mother Meera's book later last night.

I spent most of the time after I returned home and the evening and late night in deep meditation. There was nothing else I wanted or could do. Somehow I wanted to hold onto the sacredness of the moment and the experience.

The day before, I had the privilege of meditating with an enlightened soul who had been given the honor of meditating for an hour in Yogananda's attic room in India - on the very same animal skin that he had sat on. This gifted soul has the ability to transmit the energy and ecstasy - which is the fruit of his own meditation - to others. I received that, along with a special message from my own Master for me.

I was asked this morning what I thought of the President's speech on the tumbling economy and realized that I had been disconnected from world events for two days, having been given the gift to connect more deeply with the Divine.

Yesterday was also the conclusion of the Anusara Yoga Grand Gathering in Estes Park, Colorado, where 800 practitioners and teachers of Anusara Yoga gathered. As the "captain" of the Virgina and Washington DC kulas (communities or spiritual families), I was entrusted with sending a blessing to those gathered. I wish to end this entry with this:

Blessing for the Grand Gathering

may your souls dance
inside your bodies--
cloaking and unsheathing,
in the subtle union
and delicate balance
of experiencing raw power,
tempered by refinement--
the many become One,
creating beauty and sheer artistry,
as an act of pure devotion


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