Endings and Beginnings

I awaken very early, in anticipation of the conclusion of a wonderful weekend workshop. I sit in meditation for a while, and would love to have more time to share insights from yesterday, but it will have to wait...Maybe I'll find some time later, or maybe I'll write tomorrow...

I come home late last night after a full day of practice - buoyed by sharing and conversation - and dinner with some some wonderful yoginis and master teachers - some of the best of the Anusara kula - and waiting for me was an incredible gift I almost didn't see before going up to bed...

I open an envelope and find a beautiful seed of some sort that has been painted and decorated in purple. In the center is a beautiful angel - or goddess with arms crossed and flowing hair, surrounded by this inscription:

"Every ending, holds a new beginning."

It resonates so deeply within...At a pivotal point in my life - on the threshold of so many changes and during the weekend of a major decision and shift - I receive this message - as an affirmation of the support of the Universe, and friends, and the Divine - and as comfort as well.

Thank you Erin! I have placed your gift where I will see and touch it every day, in my Sanctuary of sanctuaries - in my Holy of Holies - where I meditate, and pray, and practice, and write - every day!



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