I Will Just Say This

I re-visited the theme of joy in my classes this morning, inviting my students to create a bigger container to receive and express joy - and to embody an explosion of joy in their practice...

I recall my therapist friend affirming that we need to experience joy in our lives and must elicit its memory and experience as much as we can - even when it seems absent...

I review the poems of St. Teresa of Avila and find this one, and wish to share it, because it reminds me of hope, which somehow lays the groundwork for joy...

I Will Just Say This

bloomed in Spring.

Our bodies
are the leaves of God.

The apparent seasons of life and death
our eyes can suffer;

but our souls, dear, I will just say this forthright:
they are God

we will never
unless He

There is always room for hope...for of that hope, is born the experience of joy, because we are never far from the Divine and cannot truly be - any less than God is...

How can it be any other way? For we are made in the image and likeness of God...


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