Self-Reflection and the Heart

The New Year and the season always seem to invite deep reflection. Certainly, the state of the economy, and world affairs are also inviting more introspection on our parts. Many of us are re-evaluating our priorities and values and making changes in our lives as as a result of our reflection, and/or economic factors and realities...

We are invited to consider what is truly important, and what is the purpose of our lives during these trying times in the deep of winter...

I received Jamie Allison's newsletter recently. Jamie is a senior Certified Anusara Yoga teacher, and she recently established a beautiful retreat center in Colorado. I'd like to share some of her insights here:

"The natural world, in all its magnificence, does not have the capacity for self-reflection or self-knowing. We, as humans, do. A human birth is a rare and blessed gift. Unlike the deer walking the same path in the snow, we can deviate from our chosen path and branch out into something new at any moment. Just like the deer we can get in a rut that feels safe and seems to serve us and not notice that we can be doing and offering more.

As you look out on the fresh, untracked snow of this coming new year, what path will best serve you and others? Where do you want to offer your efforts? What truly interests you and how do you want to invest in your sacred opportunity of life?

One way to find clarity is to make the time to settle and listen. What is your heart's desire? Can you be still enough to hear the soft voice of your heart inviting you into the fullness of your life? What inspires you? What tugs at your heart? Noticing those things, great and small, that give you the greatest joy and the least stress, just might be one way to truly follow your heart. Attuning to the guiding light of the heart gives clarity as we navigate the options that life presents to us. The beacon of the heart is our Inner North Star. Let it be your guiding light through out this coming New Year and see where it leads you. May you be surprised and delighted!

Wishing you a journey that is sweet, filled with adventure and one that takes you into the wonder of your Self."

For more information on Jamie Allison, visit her web site:


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