Open to Grace Once More

I re-visit the theme of "Opening to Grace" several more times this week, and I wake up with thoughts of grace embracing me...

I am off to teach a workshop on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali today, but I wanted to share both a poem and some quotes on grace, so that all who read this blog on this day may open to grace more deeply....

Open to Grace

I tell my students—
when you Open to Grace,
you say yes to the whole
river of life
in all its permutations

When you Open to Grace,
you open to all the opportunities,
the gifts and the challenges
that life brings you—
for each one contains the seed
for transformation,
each experience contributes
to making us who we are

I tell my students—
Open to Grace, and say yes!
To the whole river of life!

~ ~ ~ ~
"You are the proof of grace.
Grace is something you have become -
it made you."
~ Douglas Brooks

"Grace is always available -
but are you open to it?
Grace wants us to live fully
and feel the magic of life."
~ Todd Norian

"May you open your arms
and receive the full abundance of blessings
Grace has in store for you."
~ Todd Norian

"Know that Grace has the power
to transform everything you aspire to,
so aspire to the highest
and offer yourself to Grace."
~ John Friend

"Grace will hold you
every step of the way."
~ John Friend

"When you open to grace -
you say yes to the whole river of life
in all its permutations."
~ Olga


Unknown said…
I used your poem on aligning with Grace when I taught yesterday. It was lovely and perfect.


Olga Rasmussen said…
Beautiful! Enjoy, and thank you!

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