Guru Purnima: Night of Perfection

This week, on two consecutive days, I marked the sacred day of Guru Purnima. On the first day I observed the day in a private manner, by meditating for an extended amount of time, and walking the labyrinth. On the second day, I attended a Guru Purnima service led by my friend, MahaDevi, of the Sacha Lineage.

I first met MahaDevi when she was known as Sandy, and the Divine was inviting her to take a radical turn in her spiritual path. Our lives intersected during a workshop on yoga as body prayer, hosted by the magnificently gifted Iyengar Yoga teacher, Carolyn Bluemle.

When the invitation arrived in my inbox to attend this ceremony, MahaDevi's first public event as a teacher, I felt a strong desire to attend. We have companioned each other during major transitions in our lives - each one of us acting at times as teacher or student to the other...

In her email, MahaDevi invited the participants to consider why this day was important, and I will excerpt from that email:

"Guru means: That totality that is beyond duality, beyond light and darkness, and yet not separate.
Purnima means: Perfection, that which is UNTOUCHED.

Guru Purnima Day is the night of the Full Moon, this year falling on July 7th. People gather on Guru Purnima Day all over the world to ultimately celebrate the CALL of the Heart to Realize One's True Nature and also to express one's deep gratitude and Love in recognizing their Spiritual Master. Historically disciples have traveled great distances to be with their Masters on Guru Purnima Day.

This gathering is open to all who feel the call of the heart to awaken to their True Nature...

The Guru Disciple relationship is a profound one, and far beyond any concept. It is an everlasting marriage in Totality, rooted in Unconditional Love. At Guru Purnima we renew this sacred marriage and we make it stronger in the widest sense by receiving a "Guru Thread." This thread is place on the wrist and is not taken off, staying there until it disappears or dissolves on its own."

The evening was filled with magical moments. MahaDevi drew a card as she meditated prior to this event - and half a world away, her own Guru drew the same card for the event. It was signficant for me - because this card spoke of completion, cosmic union, liberation from bondage, and burning of karma, all of which have been major themes for me these last couple of years.

A central part of the ceremony involved a fire ceremony where we burned either prayers or requests, letting their ashes rise like incense to the Divine. My offering to the fire wrote itself as a true outpouring of my soul...

Together, MahaDevi and I worked together offering the Guru Thread to those drawn to receiving it. Then we cut and tied the thread for each other...

The next day, we shared with one another the impact of the experiences of the evening - noting the roles we had played in each other's lives - and truly honoring the depth and mystery of our meeting, our relationship, and the support we have given each other. With the thread, we both felt a transmission of energy, of power, and a sealing of our commitment to our paths...

She sent me pictures of the event, and there were noticeable orbs in the pictures, and it was touching to see me sitting East - as I observed my burning prayer-request dissolve in the fire pit.

I end, with this poem I wrote about the experience:

Guru Purnima: Night of Perfection

prayers rising like incense—
burning in the Sacred Flames
of a shared ritual
begun at 7:07 PM
on this day of 7-7,
under clear skies
and the Full Moon

prayers marking
the recommitment to a practice
and a lineage of Gurus,
and a more fervent dedication
to seeking and embodying unity
and non-attachment

messages received in so many ways—
this is a time of liberation
and release of karma

a sacred Guru Thread received
and given, by two souls
joined as One—
called to walk the same Path,
yet taking different routes,
a transmission given
and received
as a thousand horses
run through kindred spirits,
brought here to this point in time—
one soul initiated as teacher
and the other anchoring the energy

a new teacher comes into her own,
and is acknowledged

the gift of a parting kiss
seals the sacred union
of two souls doing God’s work,
merging and parting
in a state of Oneness

what wonders the Lord prepares,
and what gifts he bestows
for those who come willingly
to the doors of His Sacred Heart
and lead others to drink well
from a sacred well


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