The River of Life

I receive a gift unexpectedly, from a radiant soul, in the form of a posting on Twitter - a song titled, "The River of Life," that I in turn pass on to other souls...The lyrics of this piece speak to me as if they had been birthed deep within my own soul...

I cannot sleep - too much is weighing deep down in my heart, so I head for the garage, pick up Grace, and I am in the water by 6:30 AM...

It is quiet down at the river. This is truly the the river of my life - mirroring every shade of color my soul reflects and every season I have known. I paddle straight into the mist that I see along the banks of the river on the Maryland side that seems to be fed by the shade of the trees.

The mist is delicate and fleeting. As soon as I approach it, it seems to disappear, and I realize it teaches me how the thoughts and perspectives I hold on to so strongly are just illusions - they too cannot be captured and are as fleeting as these thinly parting veils of swirling and dancing mist...

I do not succumb to following my regular path, but instead I embrace a different trajectory on this river, heading clear across to the Maryland shore, paddling upstream from there. I am between states and the other side of the island and a more elusive shoreline. This is a different spot in the river - one I am less familiar with, and it seems symbolic of my being at a crossroads once again...Who knows where I am going? So many givens have evaporated like the mist before me - slowly being devoured and dissolved by sunlight. If only all our deepest concerns and burdens could lift from us in much the same way...

I feel stillness and peace here - my soul fed by brief quotations offered as blossoms by radiant souls filled with light...

"Only in quiet waters
do things mirror themselves undistorted.
Only in a quiet mind
is there adequate perception of the world."
- Hans Margolius

"Give up to grace.
The ocean takes care of each waves
until it gets to the shore."
- Rumi

"When you do things from your soul,
you feel a river moving in you, a joy."
- Rumi

I come to the river to rejuvenate and find peace - and ask questions and seek guidance...

I emerge from the river with the song "River of Life" haunting me - every line bursting forth from my heart like an exclamation. Like the title of the album it is from - I am reminded that this river is also the "River of Soul' - of my soul...

The artist, Marcome, who composed and who performs this beautiful song introduces it simply with these words:

"We are water. Water is life.
Let the water revive you.
Bring your spirit to the water.
Live, laugh, and love!
We have only just begun!"

I am water, and this morning I seek replenishment at the mouth of a river that has been a reliable soul friend and companion....

River of Life

"When I wade in the river
It revives me and flows through my mind
Then I feel like the river
And my body’s more fully alive
I can fly on a wind-cloud
To my love who in time waits for me

When I dive in the river
Let my wishes all float to the sea
When I look in the ripples
I can be all the love that I feel
Oh! My heart’s like the river
Find my soul in my waterfall dreams

When I float in the river
I’ll be more than I’m now when I’m dry
Hear the flow of my heart strings
Feel the pulse bring us closer in time
Oh! My heart is the river
Let your love flow and blend into mine

Flowing into you

Come and run in the river
Let the waters rejoice in your life
In my heart beats the river
Full of laughter for love and for life

Flowing into you."

See and hear this song performed by Marcome on YouTube:


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