Treat Yourself With Wisdom and Love

This comes from today's issue of the newsletter Jewels in the Lotus, and I thought it is a perfect way to begin this month. Thank you Cathy for your words!

"Imagine living your life as your higher self all the time. Imagine being able to make choices from the heart quickly and easily. Imagine being able to allow others to be just as they are. You easily speak your truth without conflict or confrontation. Life flows along and you handle all the challenges with grace. There is great peace in your heart and you are in tune with your breath. Joy and peace are your natural state. Your vibration is high and love is all around you. Decisions come from a deep place and one that is steeped in unconditional love. Actions and words are combined with your radiant power and you own this power fully.

Sounds amazing? It is and at can be when you live life more fully as your higher self. When you access this state of being in your daily life, it changes the way life flows.

Many of us can reach this state in meditation or even in relaxation, but the tricky part is to carry that level into the physical world and into our daily activities. There are others who are so stressed out in daily life that they have trouble turning off their brains. One way that helps me is before I get out of bed each morning- I take 3 full deep cleansing breaths. I ask to act with love, guidance, wisdom (add any other positive trait)- and to go through my day meeting challenges or situations with grace and ease. Sometimes it works, and sometimes…not so much. The point is to stay in each present moment and not beat yourself up over any perceived mistakes.

When you think about it, many people have difficulty doing what honors them most. We have expectations of ourselves and of others that are not always met. So what is the best way to handle life? With wisdom and love. And, how do we move forward from here?

Taking a broader perspective of your life and the higher purpose of all the events in it, will help you see beyond the ego- and will help you incorporate the lessons into the highest potential. From this vantage point, you can see the world view instead of the "little me" view. This expansive view will lead to acceptance and understanding. Allow yourself time to integrate and rejuvenate. Treating yourself with wisdom and love offers you the opportunity to forgive the past and move forward."

13 keys to living as your higher self

  • release judgments (of yourself and of others)
  • breathe deeply throughout the day
  • don't hold on to anger, resentment, or guilt
  • be in the present moment
  • hold joy in your heart
  • allow yourself to feel whatever emotion comes up
  • leave your past behind.
  • surrender trying to control life
  • stand solid in your core and true to your heart.
  • stay connected to your inner self as often as you can
  • be very grateful for all the blessings that are manifest in your life
  • clear out old emotional baggage
  • see the beauty and joy in all things
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Lavonne said…
This is indeed an excellent way to start off a new month! Thanks for sharing it, Olga :)
Olga Rasmussen said…
I agree - great reminder for me as well! May the month be filled with many blessings! Olga

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