Off to Paris! (Sacred is the Pause - Poem)

I will be off to Paris shortly, and am not quite sure of my connectivity there...I plan to enjoy moments of quiet and stillness on the long plane ride. So I leave you with a poem I wrote last night, finishing it at midnight before I went to bed...

Sacred is the Pause

Sacred is the pause
between the breaths

"Sacred is the pause
that draws us into stillness."

Every pause invites us
to slow down and be still

"Be still and know,
for I am God."

May I see the grace
in every moment
and every pause

"Each pause can be
a blessing moment."

May we always pause
between the breaths

And may we always

"Break for blessings;
[with] a deep breath...
[so that we may truly]
honor the wisdom of pausing."

For sacred is the pause
that draws us int stillness

(All quotes except the second by Macrina Wiederkehr - second is from Psalm 46)


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