Prayers at Notre Dame

I arrived in Paris, the City of Lights, shortly before 6 AM this morning.

After a nap, we made our way around the city, re-visiting many sites, but I especially chose to go back to the Cathedral of Notre Dame. I have visited this lovely Cathedral every trip I make to this city.

The first time I visited was on my 50th birthday, in 2005, the very day that Charles de Foucauld, the French mystic and martyr, and one of my favorites, was being beatified.

In this magnificent church, filled with energy of prayers offered throughout many centuries, I offered my own for myself and a dear friend - for our families and our intentions - but most of all in gratitude for many blessings received.

I also enjoyed a walk by the Seine, recalling the Ardha Chandrasana - half moon pose I did by its banks three years ago.

What a gift to be here once again!


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