Christmas Day

The day begins slowly, quietly, with meditation, while the rest of my household is asleep. I send blessings, healing energy, and love to several persons, some in need, and others that I am simply grateful for...

I delight in the thoughts of a wonderful Christmas Eve, spent with family, full of laughter and good cheer, and the beauty of Midnight Mass, hymns sung heartily by a full choir and packed congregation, accompanied by an organ, and full brass ensemble.

I revel in this sacred time, inviting the best in all of us. I am touched by the words of a dear soul friend who has stepped into her sacred mission, clothed in her own power, and who shared this message this morning:

"Open to all the Love and all the Joy.
It's all for the asking."

Such breathtaking beauty in such simplicity of words...

I reflect on this Christmas message from Yogananda:

"May the Christmas spirit you feel not end with today;
rather may it be with you every night as you meditate.
Then in the silence of your own mind,
as you drive away all restless thoughts,
Christ Consciousness will come.
If we all follow the spirit of Jesus
we shall surely experience every day
His presence within us."

May this be for all of you today, and always. May you carry the Spirit of Christmas into every moment of every hour, and thus make this world a better place, by shining God's Light, His gift to us, into every darkened corner!


cj said…
This one is truly inspired Olga. So happy to hear you had a warm and wonderful time with your family last night and that Mass was inspiring. God Bless you and yours this holy Christmas Day!
Olga Rasmussen said…
Christmas blessings on you and your family as well!

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