Christmas Eve Blessings

The day is busier than I had anticipated. I had hoped for a more extended meditation period this morning, but I will carve some space out this afternoon...

Despite it all - Christmas Eve blessings come to me in so many ways. In the gift of a book written by a wonderful soul I met on Twitter, that arrives today with a touching inscription...

Christmas Eve blessings also arrives in the wise words of a dear soul companion who gives me this message full of challenges, yet I know that it is really offered as a sacred task:

"Today, keep your thoughts on forgiveness and love.
Relentless love. Love the unloveable.
That's what Christ did."

I think of the Christmas Blessing I posted yesterday, and how it is an invitation to be lived every day, not just at this time of the year.

I leave you with this poem, written by Kathleen Hanagan, a gifted soul and therapist, which she sent in her Christmas letter this year...

One Heart

One heart
A single bird
Sits on a branch
And sings
So devoutly
That a chorus erupts
And all of creation
Wakes up.

Let your love spark
A revolution of hearts
And give it
All you have
Until you are empty.

Then you will know
One heart
That beats
The sound
Of love
In millions
Of ways.

Christmas Eve Blessings to all!


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