A Benevolent Universe

Three times today, I receive the same message:

"I live in a benevolent universe."

The first time, I receive it in my morning meditation. I am so taken with it, that I repeat this affirmation out loud several times:

"I live in a benevolent universe."

The second time, it comes in a line from today's entry in the daybook, "Every Day Spirit: A Daybook of Wisdom Joy and Peace."

I can tell you - that when I read this sentence, it IMMEDIATELY caught my attention. Lately, my days have been filled with wonderful synchronicities and messages, and I strive to remain open to them.

The third message arrived as I was nearing the conclusion of my morning walk by a wooded field. A doe and two fawns crossed my path. This seems to be happening regularly in this particular spot. But today, they lingered and sized me up. Finally, they all  pranced back into the woods.

As I walked over the spot where they had initially gathered, I noticed one of the fawns lingering and observing me from a small clearing in the woods. He seemed to be very curious about me. The rest of his family were farther away, but they remained very observant of all that was transpiring.

We locked eyes. I sent him Reiki energy and told him - or her - "You are beautiful! You really are! Did you know that?"

He bowed sheepishly, as if he saying, "Aw shucks!" And then took some steps towards me.

We stood there, communicating for a while, until I continued on, but he remained watching me, as if he were not quite ready for me to leave. We had our moment - a gentle and beautiful collision of two species who acknowledged each other with love and respect.

"Indeed, I live in a benevolent universe."

And so do you. We all do! It is a place of beauty and goodness, and if we start the day which such thoughts we not only color the rest of our day but we shift the energy on this planet. And in the universe as well. I do believe this in my heart of hearts.

Today will be a good day. How do I know? Because I received this message three times...

"I live in a benevolent universe!"

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