Be Safe! Stay Safe!

In these tumultuous times that we find ourselves in, I've been thinking a lot about safety.

Feeling safe, or being safe, is more than the obvious - that is to say - being safe from violent actions or situations.

It also includes safety in words, thoughts, attitudes, and conditions.

Let me explain. 

If I am in an environment where negative conversation and attitudes are constantly on display, I don't feel safe to be myself, or reveal who I really am. So, I become diminished in terms of the possibilities that are at my disposal, and that are available for others as well. And often, negative words and thoughts can get out of control and degenerate into something worse.

I believe in the power of words. I believe in the power of positive prayers and thoughts and their ability to shift or change, or even heal a situation. Why? Because I have seen this happen again and again.

In these times, I often feel anxious and unsettled because of what I hear or read in the media, or from people I know. But this goes beyond the realm of politics and the state of global affairs.

I notice that a lot of people, women and minorities especially, do not feel safe today. Not in their neighborhoods, and many, not even in their homes.

Safety isn't just about living without violent words and actions. Safety or its absence, is sown in very small ways. With very simple thoughts and words.It is also eradicated in the same way.

I want to live in a world that feels safe. Where goodness prevails. I read a meme yesterday asserting that good people bring out the good in others. I do believe that. And conversely, angry, violent words and thoughts, engender more of the same.

It is a reminder to me to be careful with my thoughts. And words. 

It is a reminder to consider what world I am creating with my thoughts and words. 

What world do I want to inhabit and leave behind for my children and theirs to inherit?

A life and a community that is safe is one where people flourish, and when people are free to be creative and grow, everything else does as well.

That is where I want to be. That is where I want to live. I'm sure we all do. Let's make it so.

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