Trust More! Fret Less!

Trust more!
Fret Less!

This is the message I received today.

Have you ever noticed how the things you worry about the most are almost always, things that never happen?

We know as the result of many studies and stories, that setting an intention for our day, a meeting, an outcome, often affects the end result in a positive way.

If this is so, what would it be like if we intended, or imagined more positive outcomes than negative ones? The world and our lives would be vastly different!

I had scheduled a pick up today of donations that mostly consisted of electronic equipment. Thunderstorms had been predicted for later in the day.

I got up early, put my stuff out, and rather than worry, I gave intent that all would work out. Then, I went out to run errands and go to the grocery store.

When I came back, everything had been picked up! It was sunny and warm! Shortly after returning home, workers came by to do maintenance on the fire hydrant. Soon it was spewing water out all over the place. The truck was parked right in front of my driveway. And several hours later, it rained and stormed so torrentially I thought for a moment we were in the middle of a hurricane! You couldn't see out the windows. Not a thing! Zilch! Nada!

I heard an inner Voice and sensed it smiling:

Trust more!
Fret less!

Indeed! I gave thanks that all worked out in truly a divine order!

And now, it's all bright outside again. But the good thing is, my donation is dry and safe and sound, and the grass, trees and shrubs got in a good drink after a few thirsty days.

Next time you are worrying about the timing of things, surrender, and simply say to yourself"

Trust more!
Fret less!

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