More 11 and 111 Number Blessings

Recently, I shared in a blog entry, how on several occasions I happened to have 11 emails in my inbox at 11:11 am. Well, I am both pleased and blessed to report that these wonderful occurrences continue!

Several times a day I clean out my inbox (I REALLY am quite diligent about this task!) And guess what? I end up with 11 emails. This happens over and over again! Several times a day - day after day - and now week after week!

I casually glance at the time - and yes - you guessed it - it is 11:11!

I look at the dashboard on my car, and I notice I have 111 miles left on my current tank of gas. The clock might read 1:11 PM. And so it goes! All these wonderful reminders that I am not alone, and neither are you!

Pay attention to all the wonderful synchronicities in your life and to the many signs you are receiving. Yours will probably be very different from mine, but that does not matter.

The number 111 is considered to be an angel number and it is a reminder that we are being given important messages. It's also supposed to be a sign of prosperity and manifesting your dreams and desires. Well, I'll certainly take that!

This number is a reminder to slow down. It is a number of awakening, inspiration, self expression, and an indication that creative thoughts are manifesting very quickly into your reality.

Take time to notice patterns in your life, in nature, and your surroundings and be open and receptive to whatever is trying to come through to you! It happens in the simplest of ways!

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