Advent - A Time for Giving and Receiving Joy

Advent - a Time for Giving and Receiving Joy

Joy is one of the greatest gifts that we can have and we can give - not only at this time of year that naturally invites it and elicits it - but in every other season as well!

"Joy is prayer - 
Joy is strength -
Joy is love -
Joy is a net of love
by which you catch souls.
She gives most
who gives with joy."
- Mother Teresa

"Never miss a joy in this world of trouble...
that's my theory! Happiness, like mercy,
is twice blessed: it blesses those
most intimately associated with it
and it blesses all those who see it,
hear it, touch it or breathe
the same atmosphere."
- Kate Douglas Wiggin

Feel joy, and spread joy. And remember, that ancient Egyptians could only cross over to the next life if they could affirm that in that lifetime, they had indeed found and received joy....
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