Advent - A Time for Miracles

Advent - A Time for Miracles (A Repost)

I arise in the darkness and am drawn to meditation after a deep, and nourishing sleep...

I sit in the stillness, the gentle rain, and the quiet - and give thanks for so many things...

I marvel at the beauty of the last few days - sweet time spent with soul friends - and with a community of kindred souls...

I am grateful for so many messages given and received...

I revel in the opportunities to share with like-minded souls the blessings we have received and the incredible work God is doing in our lives...

I sit and I pray - and ask to be shown the way through some situations I must navigate - buoyed by the dearest soul companion who shared her own story and encouraged me to ask every day, to be shown the way - and be willing to discover that the path was always there in front of me - waiting for my recognition...

I share with a lovely friend and student - that despite whatever may be - or not be in my life - God's love and the network of supportive vibrant souls in my life - is enough!

I end another yoga session - as I have now for many years - leading my students through a modified yin practice and restoratives - inviting them deeply into the cave of their hearts - as I read them love poetry from my latest book - A River of Grace.

During the space of 90 minutes - our souls merge and blend into each other - dancing in the stillness - and we are One...

We end class with an mini session of "yoga nidra" - or yogic sleep which is a deep form of relaxation and restoration of the body, mind, and soul...

I thank my students for their companionship on this journey of the heart which has been so filled with grace. We have become a precious little community!

I bid them farewell until we meet again, and leave them with this blessing:

Seasonal Blessings 09

May this Sacred Season
Clothed in Silence and Stillness,
Inviting Simplicity and Surrender--
Bring you Fully and Deeply
Into Your Tender Heart,
Filling you to the brim
With Blessings and Joy,
And the Eternal Treasure
Of God's Undying Love

And may you, my dear reader, also receive this blessing! There are miracles all around us - small and more noticeable ones as well. I see them scattered all around me - like blossoms. I drink in their sweet scent, like the candle of myrrh and frankincense given to me as a gift by the loveliest soul that has ever graced the garden of my life.

I am grateful for the miracle of God's love made manifest in others - for it is in the hands, and arms, and the gentle kisses blown from the cave of one's heart into another's - that we are able to see, and know - and touch the Face of God.

~ Walking in Darkness and into Great Light
Dr Olga R Rasmussen, December 2009
(A Repost)


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