The Long Time Sun

Friday night I had the sheer pleasure of experiencing "kirtan" again with Snatam Kaur and her band of friends who are doing a World Peace Tour of their music. They sat under a beautiful banner emblazoned with the words:

Peace in your heart,
Peace in your home,
Peace in the world.

Kirtan is a form of call and response chanting that is very healing and spiritual and sacred in nature. Snatam and her friends believe that kirtan is Divine Vibration at its essence - and that it can bring peace and healing to the planet.

Snatam sings like an angel and every time I hear her sing - I look forward to her improvisations on the lyrics.

These lyrics were added to Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam - a mantra which simply means that God is one:

"Ek Ong Kar
God is One.
Follow your heart,
Awaken your soul,
Fulfill your destiny."

This is certainly a beautiful message...

Snatam also led the children in a song that incorporated sign language. Here are the lyrics for that piece:

"When the sun shines,
The sun shines on everyone.
It doesn't make choices.

When it rains,
It rains on everyone.
It doesn't make choices.

The One Spirit
is in everyone.
It doesn't make choices."

A wonderful lesson for all to learn - not just the children - but the adults as well! The world would be a better place if we all realized this song's inherent message.

The concert ended with the traditional Kundalini Farewell Blessing:

"May the long time sun,
Shine upon you,
All love surround you
and the pure light within you
Guide your way on."

OM Shanti!

For more on Snatam and audio clips to her songs, visit her web site and blog:


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