What I Learned About Reiki

This morning I returned to the river after an absence of several days and I reflected on the incredible gift of an experience that I had received in the opportunity to study Reiki with Frans and Bronwen Stiene of the International House of Reiki in Australia.

Frans and Bronwen are the authors of the Reiki Sourcebook - which is the best resource on Reiki currently available.

Reiki is often translated as "Universal Healing Energy," and the way this healing modality was taught by Mikao Usui - its founder - and how it has been taught and practiced in the West is quite different.

Most of us in the West have learned Reiki as a method of hands on healing. But according to the way Usui taught, this was a secondary aspect that flowed from Reiki primarily being a spiritual practice.

I was moved beyond words as Frans went into a sacred space to do attunements and healings. He is one of the most grounded, compassionate, real, fun, and spiritually present persons I have ever met, and I feel honored to have spent these last three days with him, learning about the origins of Reiki and its spiritual essence.

Reiki flows from one's spiritual practice. Usui taught meditation and chanting - but primarily working with the 5 Precepts or ideals which every Reiki student learns. However, the variation of these precepts that we learned from Usui's writings were more distilled - and powerful beyond words....

I went to the river this morning and recited the first one - aware of its connection with the first symbol - and its mantra...I cannot disclose this translation here - for it should be shared and learned within the proper context. But a commonly used translation is the following, which does not do the original quite the same justice:

Just for today -
Do not anger
Do not worry,
Be humble,
Do your work honestly,
and be kind to every living thing.

The last two weeks have been filled with many sacred moments and openings...

Like a phoenix - so much beauty has arisen from the ashes...

I am in awe of the many gifts that God bestows and for this opportunity to deepen my healing practice by connecting and integrating it more fully and seamlessly into my spiritual practice.

For more information on the Stienes and the International House of Reiki, visit:



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