I awaken early and sit in preparation for a long day...

First, meeting with a dedicated private student who is blossoming beautifully in her practice...she honors me with her yoga!

And then - initiating students into Reiki - the first of two groups this weekend...

It is a new day - and a new month...

It is finally March...

I can hear the birds as I sit...They seem full of joy and anxious for winter to be over...

I too, wish for "the winter of my discontent" to be over...

I check mail quickly and receive a newsletter from someone I have bought crystal bracelets from in the past...

If we trust - messages come from everywhere...

They come from wherever they need to come...

For me, that often means - in emails and unexpected places...

I read:

"Grace and abundance
surround me like a soft embrace,
the warmth I feel emanates
from the essence within.
I know no other feeling
but a deep sense of peace."

I know trust has not come easily of late...I mentioned it yesterday...

And then, in another newsletter I read that it is....

"Time to trust.
Trust that others
try to help you.
Trust your urges to burst
into some activities
that are unlike you,
but that come from the needs
of your spirit.
Trust that a flow exists in the universe.
Trust that the unconscious lives
deep within, guiding you
with wonderful and powerful emotions..."

I trust again...maybe at times reluctantly...

I trust in the flow of the universe and of the Divine -
that it will lead me to where I need to go:
to the shores on the other side -
letting me become what I must Be
but never fixed -
always evolving,
changing and Becoming -
like the ever flowing river...


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