Open to Grace

My weekly planner had a nice explanation of Anusara Yoga for this past week. These are some excerpts from that book:

Start the week with Anusara Yoga, a heart-centered approach to your daily practice...

The practice centers on the Universal Principles of Alignment and [is] epitomized by a "celebration of the heart, as well as an acknowledgment of the good in all people and all things."

The poses in Anusara Yoga are expressed from the inside out with a deep awareness of specific postural alignment balanced with spiritual dedication.

On the mat, open yourself to grace with an intention to flow with the supreme consciousness. Approach each asana with an attitude of softhearted devotion. Draw muscular energy inward from the earth to increase energetic alignment, stability, and strength. Experience the energy spiraling inward and outward, from above and below, as it moves through your core.

Cultivate expansive awareness. Breathe flexibility and freedom into your poses. Imagine a warm, inner smile spreading internally across your hips and heart and between your temples. Feel your energy increase and spread outward. Flow with gentleness in every pose you practice this week..


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