Reflections on Effort and Consciousness

These quotes come from recent issues of The Inner Journey and relate to so much recently addressed on one level or another...

"It is not by your actions
that you will be saved,
but by your being."
- Meister Eckhart

"People ask
what must they become

to be loving.
The answer is 'nothing.'
It is a process of letting go
of what you thought
you had become

and allowing your true nature
to float to the surface naturally."
- Stephen Levine

"The greatest discovery
of my generation
is that man can alter his life
simply by altering
his attitude of mind."
- William James

"Utilizing your conscious mind
to direct subconscious mind
to enter into communication
and harmony with the universal mind -
is the secret of personal power."
- Delfin Knowledge System


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