A Journey of the Heart

Yesterday, on a warm day, as I drove around between acupuncture and rolfing appointments with my windows open, while sipping on the free smoothie I had just earned - I thought to myself: "It doesn't get any better than this!"

There was no other moment than this one, as I listened to selections from the soundtrack of Sex in the City: The Movie. One beautiful song filled and overwhelmed my soul and my senses as I zeroed in on the lyrics. This delicious song, exploded with beauty and sensuality and conveyed the essence of the group's name: Bliss! I couldn't get enough of it as I played it over and over again...


"The red light of the sun
slowly descending,
The sky is all I see,
it is never ending.

We could fly,
You and I.
On a cloud,
kissing, kissing

The wind plays with the leaves,
The weather turns colder,
But as long as we believe,
Love doesn't get older.

We could fly,
You and I.
On a cloud,
kissing, kissing.

On a journey of the heart,
there's so much to see.
And when the sky is dark,
you'll be right here,
right here with me.

Right here with me.

I thought of how life is that - every present moment spilling into the next - good ones and challenging ones - all merging into a journey of the heart. It is a journey that can takes us to unexpected places. And sometimes when things are darkest they give way to periods of such magnificence and light we could not have possibly foreseen.

I drove over to Maryland and the studio where I study to observe a very gifted teacher, with the sun beating down, and embraced by the never ending sky.

Life is truly a journey of the heart and an incredible gift. And we are never really alone, for we are supported by those who have come before us - and those who have passed on - those in our lives presently - and those sent by God at precisely the right junctures of our lives. We are always sustained by an incredible web of support that is seen - but mostly unseen...

May your day be a journey of the heart. May you derive pleasure and satisfaction from the simplest things, knowing that everything is always unfolding as it should, and that you are never alone.

**Here is a link to hear this luscious song!


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