Peace All Around II

There is no greater gift I believe - than the gift of peace....If you have peace - you have everything, for it truly colors everything.

On this beautiful and magnificent morning I stole a few moments before my morning classes and went down to the river anticipating a delicious time meditating. But it was not quite to be. It seemed every rescue truck in the area had gathered for the practice of some maneuvers or something. I walked around for a few moments, but it was not the quiet place I had imagined...Still, there was some semblance of peace there, and the beauty and radiance of the morning was simply beyond words.

I began my morning meditation by reading these inspired words by Paramahansa Yogananda:

"Peace is found in surrender to good through devotion.
People who are loving, who practice stillness,
who delight in meditation and good actions,
are really peaceful.
Peace is the altar of God,
the condition in which happiness exists."

May you find, experience, taste - and give and extend peace on this day!


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