Peace All Around

What a wonderful way to start a new month - with feelings of deep, abiding peace all around!

The morning is quiet and pleasant - and more blooms are emerging in my garden...

Soon, we will take my son out for brunch on this, his 23rd birthday!

I begin the morning with these wise and beautiful words from Paramahansa Yogananda on the fruits of a dedicated meditation practice:

"Fix your mind inwardly between the eyebrows [as in meditation] on the shoreless lake of peace. Watch the eternal circle of rippling peace around you. The more you watch intently, the more you will feel the wavelets of peace spreading from the eyebrows to the forehead, from the forehead to the heart, and on to every cell in your body.

Now the waters of peace are overflowing the banks of your body and inundating the vast territory of your mind. The flood of peace flows over the boundaries of your mind and moves in infinite directions."
- From Metaphysical Meditations


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