This Love Lasts Forever

Reveries of two powerful experiences chanting and meditating this last week haunt me, as a gentle breeze by the river this morning briefly refreshes...

Thoughts and deeply held impressions of the power of Divine Love drift in and out of my mind as I recall excerpts from a song that has been playing over and over in my heart and soul...

"I feel it now, it's all around me
a silent voice I can't deny...

I close my eyes, it takes me over
a memory deep down in my soul.
And safe from harm
to be beside you.
Our light will shine upon the world.

It will last forever (this love)
It will never fade away (this love)
Never cause me pain (this love)."

So true, for Divine Love is the only constant - throughout decades and across lifetimes...

("This Love", A Hundred Thousand Angels, Bliss, 1999)


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