Planting Seeds

This morning, as I shared coffee with a friend on her wonderful porch and related to her the many blessings I had experienced in the last few months, I was reminded of the theme I had chosen this week for my yoga classes - "Planting Seeds..."

A seed represents pure potentiality. Eventually a seed becomes a tree which in turn blossoms. There are times in our lives which are appropriate for the planting of seeds - which are representative of pure potentiality. The yogic sages teach that we have within us everything that we need at any given given moment to know what we need to know and do what we need to do...

Seeds can blossom through a dedicated practice - giving life and self-expression to the pure potentiality that is contained within. As I watched my students practice, this was so evident to me. I invited them to till the soil in the back doors of their hearts and to prepare the beds for these seeds to explode in the self-expression of the pure potentiality within their lives and practice as they moved through increasingly more challenging back bends. Everyone went deeper - experiencing and enjoying the richness of their practice. It was a beauty to behold.

In my comments, I shared my own experience of planting seeds and seeing its manifestation exactly as I had envisioned - and how a gifted intuitive friend had foreseen the delicate blooming in the garden of my life.

What is the seed you would like to see blossoming in your life? Be willing to prepare and till the soil of your heart so that those seeds of pure potentiality may germinate. Be willing to unveil the magnificence of your heart. Be willing to let those seeds blossom and manifest into insights and dreams. Harness the power of your practice by coming into deeper and greater alignment to support that growth and manifestation that you are capable of knowing and experiencing.

Everything you need is inside of you. Now. And always!


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