Wait and Wonder

I think of the impermanence of things and what comes and goes...

I think of a young, former student of mine - forced to sideline a surgical residency due to cancer...

I think of my cousin's only child - a son - deployed to Afghanistan...

I think of all the things we can't control in life and what is really ultimately important in life - not the pettiness that seems to be...

I think of a message received from a mentor last year:
"Stand tall in the light!"

And these words from two songs by Bliss waft into my heart and soul:

"In every broken dream there is a love
That is strong enough to heal the deepest hurt..."

"Here we go again, asking the same old questions
Facing the same stuff, wondering when its all gonna leave us alone
And here it comes again, denying we ever knew the truth
Well blame is a disease that separates you from love...
Well life is a disease that separates you from god

When you're down and formless as a cloud, drifting out to sea
Stay with the deep, stay with the deep
Stay with the deepest part of you."

I stand by the river bank, in the very early morning, almost slipping on the rocks and cast my pebble into its depths - and commit to release all that does not serve and unhealthy ties that bind...
(Wait and Wonder and The Deep, "Bliss" by Bliss, 2003).


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