At the beginning of every new yoga session, my teacher picks a theme for the whole session which she introduces in the first class. This session it is celebration.

My teacher spoke of the many opportunities we have in life to celebrate - even in the midst of loss - which she herself had recently experienced. Some times we receive the greatest gifts from what seemingly appears to be insurmountable circumstances.

She spoke about the evening primrose - and how it blossoms in the evening almost unexpectedly. She shared how she had met someone who wanted to pull these flowers out of her beds because she did not know of their beauty. But an elderly neighbor counseled her against it - saying that in a year or two there would be beautiful blossoms - that would reveal their beauty for a moment.

My teacher told us the flowers did bloom - a year or so later - on the first anniversary of the elderly gentleman's death. And she also spoke of bringing her own children on a pilgrimage to the site to see the evening primrose blossom recently.

I was very moved by the beauty of this class - the theme, the instructions, the way she adjusted me, the connection to students around me. In the midst of so much that weighs us down, there is so much that can lift us up. There is always room for celebration - in spite of tears and loss. There is always the magnificent gift of life and creation and love to celebrate.


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