Did You Find Joy?

The latest issue of The Inner Journey contains these two quotes:

"The future, and higher evolution,
will belong to those who live in joy,
who share joy, and who spread joy."
- Torkom Saraydarian

"Man loves because he is Love.
He seeks joy, for he is Joy.
He thirsts for God for he is composed of God
and he cannot exist without Him."
- Sathya Sai Baba

I found these quotes particularly relevant this afternoon as I painted my son's room a bright yellow. He has moved out now, and I wanted to turn the room into the combination of another guest bed room/sitting room/reading room.

I thought that picking this bright color would be uplifting when I felt down and when the skies sported a dull winter grey.

The Inner Journey Newsletter notes that joy is the energy of love, and is also the highest vibration on the planet. If we vibrate with joy, we will attract joy.

As noted before on this blog, the ancient Egyptians saw Joy as a sacred responsibility. Upon their deaths, they would be asked two questions before being allowed to cross over:

"Did you bring joy?" And,
"Did you find joy?"

Years ago, I had a reading with a very gifted intuitive and therapist. I was told that I had accomplished much in this lifetime, but had experienced very little joy. At the time that was true.

Yogananda teaches that God is experienced as ever new Joy and Bliss. When we have the experience of either one in meditation and in our life experiences, it is a sign that God is near. With an increased dedication to our sitting practice, ever new joy will increase. Yesterday I read how a devotee of Yogananda once told another that if he did not have this experience of ever new joy, he might as well be dead. In other words, he wasn't truly living.

Joy is our birthright. So - go out and find it if you don't already have it! And then when you do - give it away!


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