The River is Wide II

This morning, a mother and her daughter took off in kayaks in the early morning light...The water and air was very still - and I sensed we would have another hot day on tap!

Yesterday the movers came and moved all the equipment and furniture to the new studio. I laid down mats and re-calculated the space and noted I could accommodate 24 comfortably. As I shot the breeze with my partners in this venture, I realized it felt very much like home. We delighted in some of the decorative purchases and touches we had made...

Today is another full day, but I was present and felt very rested down at the river this morning as I did all of my sundry river meditations.

I end this month surveying the vast expanse of the river and thinking of all that the river has been to me these many months - and of this song that I been singing to myself, over and over again. Every time I come to the river, it seems that the first thing I "hear" inside of me is: "The river is wide..." So many versions have been made of of this song - but my favorite is by a friend:

The River is Wide

The river is wide
I cannot see.
Nor do I have
light wings to fly.
Build me a boat
that can carry two
and both shall row,
my love and I.

My love is like
the lofty tree
It sudders fierce
and then sways free.
If it should fade
when the summer's through,
she'll bloom again
when spring shines through.

When love is young,
then love is fine.
Just like a gem
when first it's new.
But love grows old
and waxes cold,
and fades away
like morning dew...


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