Ann Linnea, in her book Deep Water Passage: A Spiritual Journey at Mid-life writes about her experience kayaking around Lake Superior.

I found it very symbolic that she named her boat Grace. I thought of her boat as a vessel of grace as she undertook this very dangerous journey.

Here are some passages from parts I read last night:

"The instruments of our bodies, when fully tuned and aligned, move with a grace and rhythm that is holy. In that holiness we are capable of our greatest actions. In those actions our lives become Spirit Song...

Mindfulness is so important. Whether in ecstasy or storm, we must be totally present to the moment, ready for the sudden shift of wind or mood or energy...

There comes a time in our lives, when we are called to believe the unbelievable. If we allow ourselves to believe, we open the door to the infinite possibility of who we might become..."

As one committed to a sacred practice of meditation and yoga, these three passages spoke to me very deeply. They were wonderful reminders of how to be, and where our practice can take us...


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