Love Greater Than Pain

I am not where I thought I would be this morning...But I am there in my heart...Perhaps even present in other hearts...

I review the wise counsel and insights given to me by a mentor who traveled from afar and recommended some materials for my healing journey...

I am saddened by the passing of Randy Pausch, the professor, who filmed his "Last Lecture" and moved the world by reminding us all, of what is really important in life...

I still mourn so much and yet rejoice in new experiences as I delight in seeing the studio that will be my new home - as it is nearing its completion...

I review my theme and comments in preparation for subbing at the studio that is my spiritual home - honored to be invited to teach there - nervous about my first experience doing so - wanting to give back just a bit of what I have received...

And I remember a message received and remembered at the river the last few mornings...

Love Greater Than Pain

the river speaks its wisdom--
as an inner locution sourced
from an inspirational reading:

"Your love--
must be stronger than your pain."

a haunting mantra,
skipping on the surface of this river,
dancing in my heart
like a blessed soul
not so long ago...

I know...
in every instance
and every merging--
and in every experience
of distance and separation,
my love--
must be greater than my pain


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