Metaphysical Musings

Yesterday I had the chance to visit with two musician friends. Going to their house is always a treat. There are musical instruments everywhere - a Steinway in the dining room, and guitars and wood wind instruments in every corner of the house. There is a recording studio in the basement as well.

One of my friends is in the process of exploring a very interesting theory. He feels that tonality in music is analogous to the role the ego plays in life. He came to this awareness while studying Stravinsky's music and noted how Hitler preferred listening to Wagner and marches. He contrasted this with various atonal movements in music. I have always found his own musings very interesting and extremely stimulating. Often he comes up with ideas that I think would revolutionize the way we look at the relationship of music to life - if only he would take time to write it all down. Once I remember being fascinated as he illustrated the patterns that certain sounds make and how they connect to sacred geometry.

I shared with him the notion of doing a yoga practice to a metronome and he commented that doing so enables us to entrain with certain rhythms in nature.

We also spoke of our meditation practices, metaphysical books we had read, the role of ego, the power of sound and music in healing, the experience of non-locality, the illusion of anger, and how so much of our time is consumed by ego babble.

I left my friends feeling refreshed, with a good tip for a summer read, and stimulated by the more academic aspects of our discussions. It is always great to be able to connect with like minded friends.


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