Connecting to Heaven Through Earth

As I paddled upstream later this morning, on my way to explore a portion of the river I have only been to a few times, I thought of how God gives you exactly what you need when you need it - whether or not it is what you want.

In the last few days I have connected with several friends I have not seen or written to in months. Yet each came back into my life at precisely the right time with precisely the right message - each one unexpectedly - but each one contributing a greater clarity to the mosaic of my life.

I also reflected on the insight from a friend who noted that paddling into the fog took a tremendous amount of risk and that it was also symbolic of the risks I have been taking in life.

Often while I am on the river, I recite the Reiki Precepts. One of them exhorts us to be true to our way - whatever that may be. My own yoga teacher reminded me of this after my return from the river, which was simply exquisite this morning.

I have not seen the heron - but I unexpectedly came upon a huge turtle lazily floating on a log - as I was on my way back to the boat launch - on the other side of the island I always visit. I startled him and he jumped back into the water. I recalled a blog entry I made while I was back in Cape Cod in August, on the turtle and its relationship to "pratyahara" - which means withdrawal of the senses. My experiences on the river are a dance between withdrawing from some senses, journeying inward like the turtle, and having other senses definitely heightened.

I decided to look up the significance of the turtle, and in one entry I found this:

"Turtles remind us that the way to heaven is through earth.
In Mother Earth is all we need.
She will care for us, protect us, and nurture us,
as long as we do the same for her.
For that to happen, we must slow down
and heighten our sensibilities.
We must see the connection to all things..."

Turtles are also about longevity and awakening to opportunities...

The turtle offers both protection and wisdom and is one of the oldest symbols known to humans...

I will have to reflect more on this...


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