Grace and Acceptance

I have been in Santa Fe now for a couple of days, having arrived late on Saturday to acclimate to the altitude - which was a good thing - because yesterday I was naseous and lightheaded for most of the day. But, I took some recommended drops which made all the difference.

Today, was the first day of a training in advanced therapeutics and energy with John Friend. It was a fairly intimate gathering of yogis and yoginis, and we focused on seeing and sensing energy and its various flows, in very basic poses and simple, but powerful exercises.

John began by saying to us that he wanted us to be able touch with our eyes and sense with our whole beings. He wanted us to learn to open up more and to cultivate a greater ability to listen. He spoke a lot about the exchange of energy that occurs between a teacher and student and how to work with it more effectively. The experience of the training is very subtle, at a much slower pace, and much more relaxed and introspective.

I am also enjoying re-connecting with the yogini friend I traveled with. She is watching my practice and making many wonderful observations and suggestions, since she has a thriving therapeutic practice. One of the things she suggested I needed to work on was to soften in the knees and open to grace more there - as a first step to being more grounded in my legs - noting that I needed to do this before I could focus more deeply on the other principles. She spoke about how grace and acceptance are related.

I came away with many insights from the day. Normally, I come back and type my notes, but instead, I have decided to be more in the moment - enjoying the company of many - and the opportunity to connect with others. Typing can always come later...


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