Expanding Light and Being Grateful

This week, I invited my students to work slowly, but deeply in their poses, by focusing on the breath. We didn't do as many poses - but we worked them over and over, noticing where the breath flowed, and where it got stuck.

As I had them inhale - I asked them to visualize their essence as a white light within, growing more fully with each inbreath - and expanding outside of the confines of their physical bodies, into the room, and beyond. With every outbreath, I asked them to visualize their physical form draping and hugging into the sweetness of this inner light burning brightly within.

Imagine if we all visualized ourselves as expanding light. At some point our lights would merge into one and there would be nothing left but light!

It seemed to me, that the more we experienced ourselves and each other as light - the more grateful we would become. In the midst of so much negative news lately, a grateful heart and an expansive inner light are welcome experiences.

Later, I read the latest newsletter by Steve Rother, and his wife Barbara had this to say. I excerpt freely:

"A favorite quote from the Dalai Lama is 'Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.'

In day to day life we are often faced with challenges of all kinds. If we choose to approach anything with a positive perspective we can move through situations with less stress. It helps to reach out to everyone you meet with a warm heart. By doing this most often you will feel their love and support in return. It is rewarding to share your lives with another, both the high and the low periods.

Begin your day with thankfulness for this beautiful world. This will give you a sense of well-being and gratitude. Here are some words that have inspired me. I hope you find them a good reminder as well.

Think freely and with an open mind. Smile often.
Tell those you love that you do.
Rediscover old friends.
Make new ones.
Hope, grow and reach out.
Pick or buy some flowers and share them.
Keep a promise.
Laugh heartily.
Let someone into your life.
Hug a child.
Slow down by seeing a sunrise or sunset.
Listen to the rain. Enjoy the warmth of the sunshine.
Trust life and yourself. Have faith.
Make mistakes and learn from them.
Explore the unknown.
Celebrate life!"

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