The Healing Power of Touch

When I was in Cape Cod this summer, I read an article about an elderly man who used the healing power of touch - hugs, and kisses - to help bring his wife back from the grips of Alzheimer's.

I had forgotten about the article, but when I was organizing a pile of books, I found the article that I had saved.

The gentleman, Sol Rogers, visits his wife and climbs into bed with her, sings to her, and simply loves her, telling her how much he cares. Over time, his wife Rita's behavior has improved remarkably. She is calmer, communicates better, and has regained some mobility, according to the August 10th article in the Boston Globe.

As his wife's condition worsened, Sol became very depressed. So he started climbing into bed with her, talking to her, engaging her in whatever conversation was possible, and just holding her, and he found that only did his depression lift, but his wife became more responsive and mobile as well.

A doctor interviewed for the article pointed out that Rita's memory would remember her husband's presence. For a while, Rita didn't even recognize her husband, but now - every time a man passes by in the hall - she cries out: "Sol!"

The nursing home that Rita lives in is encouraging of what Sol Rogers is doing. Not all facilities allow for this kind of physical contact. But there are studies now underway exploring the ramifications of such practices...

What a beautiful testament to the healing power of touch!


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