Stepping into the Flow

This week has offered many spring blossoms to me as I have been willing to step into the flow...

On Monday, I was able to step into the flow by launching Grace, my kayak, into the Potomac River for a while. The day was breezy and yet warm, and the sky was an endless sea of blue. I paddled upstream for a while, and then floated the whole way back down to the launch area, taking in the singing of the birds, and watching a heron or two fly overhead. It was simply too delicious for words and I had not a care in the world...

Yesterday I noticed that the Guru Bead of my Rudraksha wrist mala had fallen off. It is said that malas release karma when they break, and I wonder if I lost it during my time on the river or thereafter. I am not sure. Though I must say, that it felt so different to be out on the river this week. There was nothing but the sheer enjoyment of the experience.

Today, I was honored to have Frans Stiene - my Reiki teacher, and co-author of the book, The Reiki Sourcebook, with his wife and fellow Reiki teacher, Bronwen Stiene - visit my house from Australia. He is here to teach and he joined the monthly Reiki meditation group I host in the very space I teach my home yoga classes in. We have been meeting now for two years on a regular basis.

Frans graciously bestowed upon each one of us a Reiju - which is a spiritual blessing that is the forerunner of the attunement process in Reiki. Mikao Usui always gave his students a Reiju when he met them.

Frans is one of the most amazing healers I have ever met, and his gifts come from his own spiritual practice of Reiki. The blessings took a slightly different and intuitive format with each person - and when it was my turn, I felt an incredible surge of energy course through my central core generating waves of bliss and well being. I felt in many ways, like a vessel, receiving whatever it was that I needed most.

Later, we chanted with Frans, and he also did a personal healing on each one of us, and then we chatted about the experiences.

We were able to see Frans work in a different way that was much more intuitive and and he spoke about needing to be in the flow, and how through the practice we go into a place of nonduality where healing can take place. And over time, we come to dwell in that place more and more. He also spoke about how healing can take place in an instant.

I marveled at how much of what Frans said not only resonated with my spirit - but with how much in concert it was with things I had heard John Friend, the founder of Anusara Yoga say last month when I studied with him. The word Anusara literally means - "to step into the flow, or the current of Grace," and here was Frans urging us not only to step into the flow - but to live from that place as much as possible.

When you are in that flow - incredible things will happen. I saw that this morning, when two of my students kicked up into a handstand for the first time on their own.

Today, I re-commit once again to my practices and to live from that place where all things flow, and bubble up, as Frans described it, like a fresh spring.


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